Sunday, 1 April 2012

Beginners Day 4

Attended our 4th beginners day today, with only daughter son illness.  I took the opportunity to discuss some techniques with Dean the store manager, covering brushes and why Citadel range are not numbered like other art brushes. I also asked Dean to confirm I was not getting confused with fantasy Orks with Space Orks gear, such as the Azhag the Slaughterer which Dean confirmed I was and it from the fantasy gear.  The Space Orks boss like vehicles are such items as the Ork Trukk and the Ork Battlewagon.  What was also interesting was our discussion around the ForgeWorld Orks gear which is made with Game-Workshop approval but only certain items have the seal of having valid attributes for use in the table top games.
As for painting I managed to complete my next pair of Ork Boyz and also finally took the risk of adding battle damage I learnt from Girl Paintings tutorial video at 4m 49s by use of three simple colours.  Base of the highlight colour, Undercoat Black inner leaving thin outline of the highlight colour and finally a Chainmail inner leaving thin outline of the black.

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