Sunday, 8 April 2012

Beginners Day 4

This weeks beginners day was interesting in that I went excited to pick-up the new How to Paint Miniatures by Games Workshop which now includes a DVD which mirrors the book, but I forgot it was Easter Sunday and hence arrived to a closed shop. Since I was in the mood for some hours of painting I spent the day completing my 7/8th Ork Boyz and tried the new line highlighted technique.  Sadly the new highlighting felt to bright on the edges for Orks so I added a Devlun Mud wash to specific areas to lower the tone of the highlights. I then proceeded to add the new war damage technique I started with my previous pair to proceed with the battle torn army.  Once I was happy with the 7/8th pair of moved on to the new pair of Ork Boyz, bumping up to 8 completed and 12 to go.  With this pair I also continued my new approach to base painting Orks as follows:

  • Ork base colours Knarlock Green, Iyaden Darksun, Mechrite Red and Calthan Brown to corresponding areas
  • Weapon base metal colours Boltgun Metal, Tin Bits and touches of Iyaden Darksun to mirror the armour on the Ork Boyz
  • Jewellery colours of Chainmail for rings or hoops through noses/ears and Tin Bits for buckles
  • Completed the base painting with a Devlun Mud wash carefully moving the wash to key locations such as the bolts, teeth gaps, gun metal join points and cracks in armour

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