Thursday, 5 April 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 4/5

Spent the last few days researching better techniques for my gun painting such as wearing, rust and chipped paint.  This led me to a number of new tutorials and the find of a couple of great sites The Painting Corps (TPC) and From The Warp (FTW) which both have extensive list of tutorials for particular techniques.  FTW quick and easy soot effect for guns is proving useful for my Orks Boyz guns, as now starting to apply a spent ammo wear to the end of the barrels.  TPC have a number of good tutorials for weathering and battle damage of which I found the Rust in Two Colors and Painting Battle Damage for tanks.

I also spent some time learning about highlighting and come across FTW tutorial for teaching how to complete Line Highlighting which is something I have yet to master, but slowly improving on.  TPC have a nice simple technique for Eldar Tank Armour Lining for creating clean lines in those armour plate creases.

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