Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 7

After a good initial read through my new book I felt it time I based up my first 10x Ork Boyz and take some decent photos of the most recent trio finished, to highlight all I have learnt from the initial ones.  I decided to go for Calthan Brown base edges with mainly sand base and a few tuffs of grass.

I then proceeded to setup my Nikon D300, lightbox and flashes to to attempt to get some decent images to better show them off, below is the result.  Feel free to comment on thoughts or critic on how to improve further.


  1. Nice job mate - my only criticism would be that they look a little shiny. What have you used to varnish them?

    A slightly darker shade would also help tone the metalwork down a bit, but that's more personal preference than a criticism of technique, I always lean toward the dark side... :)

  2. Varnish I haven't applied yet, as I still go back apply extra techniques as I move forward in paint each new pair or Ork Boyz. Plan is to apply a Matt varnish so if you can recommend would a good one, please do.