Sunday, 15 April 2012

Beginners Day 5

I have been looking forward to this weeks beginners day for a couple of reasons, firstly I get to pick-up my pre-order of Citadels latest How to Paint Miniatures Book (inc. DVD).  It has a hefty 135 page guide to painting miniatures with clear step by step guides on cleaning/prepping models before painting and airbrushing, layering techniques, colour schemes to try out using the new paints, full army painting guides for different areas such as skin, fur, face, hair and cloaks.  The second reason was because I have been reading far to much on planning my Ork army and tactics when playing with Orks, starting with the Orks Codex, DakkaDakka forums and various other blogs . So much information I needed to discuss with Dean at Games Workshop who runs the day, to clarify my understanding of benefits each unit I had come up with and a technique to help me plan my army.

This led to other half of my time of the beginners day playing a game against Orks to get a better feel for the gaming rules and using the codex to review the stats during play.  This helped a lot to understand in practice how the Orks play out and what units will benefit my army for the style of play I was trying.  One of the nicest parts of this game was being able to use my first 10x Orks Boyz I completed (images coming soon).

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