Saturday, 19 May 2012

Painting Fire

Been spending past few days on the final four Orks Boyz from Battlereach, leaving a final two Boyz with Big Shootas to complete the set. To break up the static position of sitting painting and neck ache I tend to read various sites for further painting techniques. In particular I come across another nice approach to rust and of particular interest was a very well done painting of fire article by Hot-Lead. What makes the fire article so good, was the initial pages on theory of fire and how it should look. Covering image analysis of fires point of combustion through to how objects are shown when heated and cooled. He then proceeds to run through a step by step example of applying this theory to painting an elemental miniature (see Hot-Lead finished example left).

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 11

Not posted for few days due to work, but I finally managed to get the second pair of Ork Boyz done with new paint scheme mentioned in my last post.  Below are a few shots of the latest scheme for legs, boots and leather straps.

I still notice I am catching the paint on boots and buckles and therefore rubbing it off back to the plastic.  Frustrating and need to be more careful, hopefully my new paint stick made from the top of an old broom and some blutak should help.  If you have any good tips on preventing this issue please comment.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 8/9

Its been a slow week for me painting due to work and late hours, but I managed to find some time to finish of the first pair from new half squad or Ork Boyz.  I decided to try out some new scheme changes to the Orks skin, new teething, boots and belts and new highlighting.  

For skin I continued with a Knarloc Green base layer, but covered with the new Biel-Tan Green shade, which I feel created a more realistic skin tone and depth the the previous Devalun Mud.  I then added a dry brush of Underhive Ash to bring out some highlights early, which I then re-washed with the Biel-Tan Green again.  This worked really well and brought out much more detail in the faces and arms than previously with the last half squad.  Next was a coat of milk consistency lighter Knarloc/Snot Green mixed 2:3:3 careful to only apply like a wide highlight.  Lastly the skin had finer highlights applied of Snot Green/Knarloc mixed 4:1:3.

The boots, belts and pockets had a new Citadel colour of Rhinox Hide.  The next layer was another new colour of Doombull Brown with little Rhinox Hide to tone it down mixed 4:2:3 which brought out the detail nicley.  Finally a highlight mix Doombull Brown/Calthan Brown and Rhinox Hide mixed 2:2:1:3 to create fine highlighting edges.

Below is a couple of early shots be the final basing, touchup and battle damage is added.
[images coming soon]