Sunday, 22 April 2012

Beginners Day 6

Another good Beginners Day this week with a plan to purchase some of the new Citadel Paints to make good the feedback I received on my recent Ork Boyz images. The feedback was around the boots being the same colour as the leather pants of the Ork, which to be honest I never really liked them all the same colour. So I read came up with using Rinox Hide as a base with Doombull Brown for the mid tones, highlighting with be a mix of both with some Bleach Bone to lighten. Back to the beginners day and the big Ork battle which ensued with 20 Ork Boyz and Space Marines challenging the another 20 Orks and Chaos Marines. The main aim here was to further teach us to start to remember the stats of our models and weapons. Something which seem to be taking me longer, but I put that down to old age :)

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