Saturday, 31 March 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 3

Today I spent few hours reading and watching videos on blending techniques.  Wet blending seems to be one of the easier, but advanced techniques as you apply unwatered paint on the area in question with at least two shades.  Then carefully use a wet brush to gently blend one colour into another as shown in this Thunder Hammer tutorial.  I will try this technique when I have more experience, but for now the simpler technique of blending a colour by starting at a single point and then thinning it to the area you wish it to fade too.  A good example tutorial of this is shown in this Blending Blood Angels video.
I also worked on the next pair of Ork Boyz by completing their base coat layer and first wash of Devlun Mud.  Finishing off tonight with some touching up of the edges where paint has overlapped due to my not so still hands during painting with the base colours.  The trickiest part of this is the new helmet not seen until now which has a fur edge and proving a required skill to make it look good.

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