Sunday, 25 March 2012

Beginners Day 3

Attended our 3rd beginners day at Games Workshop in Northampton and continued to paint up our Black Reach models.  Completed my first couple of Ork Meks which I learnt a lot in regard of shading/blending (see Thrushbralls Blog for great tips) and how I might improve on the next couple.  One of my key learnings from the first painting experience was to use a simple layering technique of primer, base coat, midtone and highlight layers.  This allowed me to realise the need when mixing of colour to create the correct shades for the layers you really need to have the right colour shades to mix with.  This led to me purchase 3 more paints Golden Yellow, Bleached Bone and Blood Red.
Son has also completed his first 2 Space Marines and 1 Terminator which have turned out great for his first attempt.  He has gone for a similar scheme of Salamanders but added a blue camo to the mix which looks pretty good.  He will look at using more layers in his next couple of paint jobs.

Now I have the images taken and up I have noticed numerous painting over spills need tidying up, missed the metal teeth of orks boots.  Something for son and I to work on over the next set of models and go back to these with those refinements in the detail.

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