Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Black Reach Painting - Day 2

Another late night this time learning another important lesson - paint all your base colours before applying your first wash.  Luckily I learnt this from watching another Ork painting tutorial video of GirlPainting and proceeded to paint my base colours on the rest of the miniature.  I then proceeded with a Develun Mud Wash being careful to remove  from the open areas and ensure all shadow areas contained the main wash.
Once the the wash had dried I proceeded to work through each colour for its mid tone painting.  I found the following a good strategy to follow as my first experience in producing a matching mid tone of the same colour:
  • Mid-tone of Knarlock Green/Snot Green/Water 3:1:2 on Knarlock Green base/wash
  • Mid-tone of Mechrite Red/Iyaden Darksun/Water 3:1:2 on Mechrite Red base/wash
  • Mid-tone of Iyaden Darksun/Skull White/Water 4:1:2 on Iyaden Darksun base/wash
  • Mid-tone of Calthan Brown/Tallarn Flesh/Water 3:2:2 on  Calthan Brown base/wash
I applied the mid-tone for each area by focusing rough painting on the main non-shadow areas, the final result was the images below, just pending the final highlight layer and tidying up the detail edges. After taking the images its highlighted to me how messy the painting job is and under the spot lights in the kitchen they don't highlight the miniatures detail when painting. I'm now seriously looking at a descent Daylight Table Lamp to help show better definition of the miniature during painting.

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